Sukha Yoga Photography

There are so many different reasons for a yoga instructor to have professional photos taken.  You may need photos for marketing material, for a special event, your website, or maybe you just really want to capture the essence of your practice today.  Whatever the reason, Danielle is the photographer for you.

Featured in Mantra Magazine and the preferred photographer for Seattle Yoga News.

Danielle offers different options depending on your need.  You can opt for a full one on one photo shoot, a 30-minute studio session, or a group photoshoot.  Find out more about the photography offerings and take a look at Danielle’s portfolio.

Sukha Cork Yoga Blocks

Are blocks a staple for your yoga practice? Of course, they are! They are one of the best ways to modify poses until you can achieve them AND make poses a little more challenging once you’ve conquered them. Why not have blocks that not only support your practice but inspire you to keep coming back to the mat?  These blocks are beautifully printed with designs that I’ve created.

Shop for blocks, find out about giveaways, and learn new ways to use your blocks.