Create Space In Your Postures

If a yoga newbie asked what a block was for, the answer would most likely be, to bring the ground up to you.  That’s a perfect answer because that’s what it often does.

There’s this idea about yoga blocks that they’re ideally used for beginner poses, and eventually, you should no longer need them.  However, at some point, as your practice moves into more intermediate and advanced postures, you may want to use the block to create more space in the postures.  Perhaps your back could use a bit more room to lengthen in Wheel or you need an extra few inches to lift up into Lolasana.

Please keep in mind that these postures are all intermediate to advanced poses.  If you’ve never tried them before, make sure you’re attempting them under the guidance of a knowledgable yoga instructor.  As always, be safe and respect your body when it’s letting you know it’s time to stop doing a certain posture.

Wheel | Urdvha Dhanurasana

Try adding the blocks under your feet or hands to give you an extra lift.  This can be especially helpful if wheel causes a certain amount of strain to the back.  The blocks help create the space needed to lengthen the spine as you lift into the posture.  Having the blocks under your hands is particularly beneficial if you have sensitive wrists.  If you find that your blocks are sliding, try placing them against the wall for a little added support.

Cork Yoga Blocks

Cork Yoga Blocks

Cork Yoga Blocks


Whether you’re interested in some serious strength work or you’re practicing jumping through, adding blocks can help create the lift you need for an L-sit.  You’ll be able to maintain length throughout your spine and the stability of your shoulders with blocks under the hands.

Cork Yoga Blocks

Pendant Pose | Lolasana Or Tadagi Mudra | Raised Lotus

Blocks could be used here for either lolasana (not pictured, knees are bent and in between the hands) or tadagi mudra (balancing on hands in lotus position).  Place your blocks under your hands to give yourself the ability to lift up, without having to fold forward to reach the floor.

Cork Yoga Blocks

Chin Stand | Ganda Bherundasana

Chin stand can be extremely challenging.  If you’re not quite ready for that level of balance, but want to play with the posture, try placing blocks under the shoulders.  The blocks will help support you as you lift your feet up, but also prevent you from falling right down on your face!

Cork Yoga Blocks

Firefly Pose | Titibasana

If you have ever played with Firefly pose, you know how awkward it can be to get your hands on the floor and your feet out in front of you.  Place the blocks under your hands to give you an extra lift up.  Once the blocks are under your hands you may notice that you have the ability to lift the feet and extend your legs in front of you.

Cork Yoga Blocks

Tortoise Pose | Kurmasana

Placing blocks under your feet in Kurmasana gives you the space to bring your torso under the feet so you can move deeper into the posture.

Cork Yoga Blocks

Special Thanks to Dikla Kafka-Hamudot for posing for these photos.  You can find her teaching yoga at Bala Yoga in Kirkland, Yoga Bliss on Mercer Island, and Sattva Yoga in Redmond.

Don’t have your own set of blocks yet?  You can purchase beautiful cork yoga blocks that I designed right over on Amazon!  Not only are they beautiful, they’ll be wonderfully supportive to your practice for years to come!

The Best Reusables For Families

We are already halfway through 2018 which means if you made a New Years resolution, you probably broke it about 5 1/2 months ago.  My resolution this year was to include more reusables into our day to day.  The main things to go for our family were disposable utensils and straws, but there are so many other ways to reduce waste for your family.  If you have kids at home you already know how wasteful feeding them can be.  There are individually wrapped snacks, fruit pouches, sandwich bags, freeze pops, plastic utensils and so much more!

The items listed below are all linked to Amazon products, you can just click the picture to find the item on Amazon.  While they are all affiliate links, which means if you follow the link and purchase I will receive a portion of the sale, these are all items that my family uses every single day.

Silicon Freeze Pops

These are a summer favorite that we’ve been using for 3 years now.  These silicon molds are perfect for little ones who want a cold treat in the summer.   The best part, you just wash them up and refreeze them once your kids are done!

Added Bonus: You can fill them with whatever you want so you don’t have to resort to sugar bombs to cool off!

Yogurt and Applesauce Pouches

Back when my daughter was a baby (and I had a lot more time on my hands) I made all of her baby food.  These pouches were a perfect substitute for the pre-made pouches you find in the store.  Just fill them up, use them, wash them out, and reuse!

Added Bonus: If you lose a cap, you can totally replace it with a cap from one of the store bought brands.

Bamboo Sporks

I keep a bamboo spork in my bag for myself and both kids which we use constantly.  The kids think they’re so fun because it’s a fork and spoon in one, and I think they’re great because we don’t waste another plastic utensil every single time we eat on the go!

Added Bonus: Once they have worn down and you can’t use them anymore, you just put them into the compost!

Reusable Straws

This was a big one for us!  Straws are seriously lagging when it comes to being environmentally friendly.  Lots of cups are recyclable these days, but most straws are not.  So even though you may toss it into the recycling along with your cup, that does not mean it will get new life. This pack has everything you might need for a family.  You really don’t need a straw to consume a beverage, but my kids and I like them.

Added Bonus: This packages comes with cleaners that perfectly reach the inside of the straw.

Sandwich and Snack Bags

Another one of the most used items in our house.  I do my best to buy the kids’ snacks in bulk and then use these bags from Full Circle to bring food on the go.

Added Bonus: This package has 4 snack and sandwich bags so you’ll be set for multiple lunch boxes!


The final item on my list and this one might be the most important one!  I made a promise to myself that I would no longer buy coffee at a coffee house unless I have a reusable cup with me.  For hot beverages, it’s best to steer clear from too much plastic as it can release toxins when it gets hot.  So my cup is just a big old mason jar!  They’re perfect for hot or cold drinks, cheap to replace if (or in my case when) you break the jar, and you can have different sizes based on what you’re drinking.  Pop one of these on top and you’re all set!

Added Bonus: This set comes with 3 lids so you’ll have extras to share!

Seattle SUP Yoga

Get on the water this summer with three of the best SUP Yoga teachers in Seattle.  In addition to regularly scheduled SUP Yoga classes throughout the greater Seattle area, they each have their own special offerings.  Carly from Catalyst Yoga NW offers community through retreats and YogaMosa.  Jill from SUP Yoga Seattle has free community events where you can help cleanup Green Lake while enjoying your float.  Georgina from Azul SUP and Yoga offers a huge variety of classes including yoga wheel training and inversions!  Check them all out!  Furthermore, all of these instructors are amazing with newbies.  If you’ve never been on a board or never done yoga on a board before, they will all be able to help you get moving in a safe, fun, and supported environment!
SUP Yoga


Carly Hayden offers all-levels outdoor paddleboard yoga in Everett and Mukilteo, and indoor pool paddleboard yoga in Snohomish and Everett. Boards are provided by Hydrology Stand Up Paddle. In addition to these lovely floating classes, Carly brings yoga by land or sea to her transformational weekend retreats, fun and informative workshops, and YogaMosa. As the creator of the Professional Stand Up Paddleboard Association’s SUP yoga teacher training program, she’s your girl if you dream of sharing the beauty of paddleboard yoga with your students! Dive deep into the art of teaching SUP yoga at her training retreats or one-on-one training.
Find out more about Catalyst Yoga NW
SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga Seattle

SUP Yoga Seattle classes run Thursday through Sunday at Greenlake in north Seattle. The last Sunday of each month is a Yin (restorative) Float at 11am. SUP Yoga Seattle has an annual Solstice Float on Thursday, June 21 from 5-7pm. You can celebrate the abundant sunshine with intention setting, a paddle on Greenlake, and yoga on the water. On June 23 SUP Yoga Seattle will have their first free community event, Paddle Plog, from 1-3. We’ll paddle the perimeter of Greenlake and collect any trash we find (plogging is a Swedish-invented term for running and picking up trash). Gloves and bags provided. The event is free if you have your own equipment – board rental is $10 for the event. Please sign up for it in the website.
Find out more about SUP Yoga Seattle
SUP Yoga


Azul SUP & Yoga provides one-on-one yoga and SUP classes in addition to regularly scheduled boxing, yoga and SUP group classes. Check them out for information about teacher trainings, special classes (handstands, yoga wheel, and yoga for athletes) and fun Blacklight Yoga events.
Sup Yoga classes schedule Tuesday Thursday Friday 6pm Saturday 10:30am Tuesday Thursday 10:30am
Find out more about Azul SUP Yoga