Yoga Teacher Head Shots

Sukha Design and Photography is the outcome of a graphic designer/photographer going to yoga teacher training.

During teacher training, I was approached by the owner of a yoga studio who wanted photos for her business.  She felt like the standard image of a yogi that comes into most minds does not reflect her at all.  It was time for her to change the imagery that she used on her website and marketing material.  We started with photos, then updated her marketing material (fliers and trifolds) and then created custom t-shirts to offer her students.  In taking the time to think about her unique, authentic style, she was able to create a true brand that differentiated her from other yoga teachers.

It doesn’t take a fortune to create marketing materials that can make an impact.  You can truly build up a brand for your yoga business without going bankrupt!

I started Sukha Design to give yogis a place where they can purchase beautiful marketing material that connect visually to their classes.  Most “pre made” designs for yoga are simply a thin woman doing a handstand on a beach or someone in meditation.  But what if you are going to teach a yoga class for athletic mobility?  Or a workshop series about the Chakras?  The designs here are created for the yoga world, by a yogini! I’m not just a graphic designer, I also have my own teaching business as well.  So everything I’ve created here has been done with the knowledge and understanding of what it’s like to be a yoga teacher trying to market my classes!

At Sukha you can find t-shirts for your business, materials to market your classes or workshops, pre-designed logos, photography in the Seattle area and custom design for your more specific needs.

Check out our FAQ page for information on some commonly asked questions or contact Sukha Design for information about your specific needs.