Crow Pose Modifications

Try Crow Pose With These Modifications Bakasana or Crow Pose as it’s commonly referred to is one of the first true arm balances you might encounter in your asana practice.  This pose can be quite challenging as you first begin attempting to work into it.  There are many things that go into the posture including […]

Use Blocks To Work On Jump Throughs

Trying to master a jump through can be very challenging and often overwhelming.  In this post, you’ll see how to use blocks to give you a little boost in the process along with some additional modifications.  I would absolutely recommend cork blocks for this over foam as they’re much more supportive. Start with the blocks […]

Use Blocks For Wheel Pose

Wheel Pose – Urdhva Dhanurasana With Blocks Full wheel is a complex yoga pose offered in so many yoga classes.  If you’ve ever tried wheel and it felt just out of reach, try this modification to help you practice going deeper.  If you have a back injury, wrist pain, high or low blood pressure or […]

Yoga Blocks For Inversions

Have you ever wondered how you can use yoga blocks to take your practice a bit further?  There are so many resources out there that show you how to use blocks to modify postures, and often times people think the only use for blocks is to make a posture easy.  However, there are a million […]