Pre-Designed Prints

I found a print that I would like to purchase, how do I customize it?

When you’re checking out just add your custom information into the checkout screen.  Your text will be added and formatted to fit into the pre-designed template within 1-2 business days.  Your document will be created by a graphic designer who will make sure that your text and information is all added to the flyer in the most appropriate way possible.  We take the time to make sure that everything fits nicely, rather than trying to cram your information into our template.  Once your design is ready you’ll be able to view a proof through the web and make sure that everything looks perfect.  Once you approve it, we send it to print and then it’ll be on it’s way to you!

I just saw my document and it doesn’t look quite right.. what happens next?

That depends on what’s wrong with it.  If you found that the text you provided was incorrect in some way, a fee will apply for any additional customizations.  If we did something wrong with your document we’ll correct it free of charge!

Can I add my own logo to your design?

Of course, simply provide your logo when you check out.  Remember, logo’s look the best without a background so try to provide an image that has a transparent background.  This could be a PNG, AI or EPS file.

I found a design I love for my studio, but there are a few things I would want to change, such as a picture or the colors.  Does that cost extra?

There would be a fee involved for any changes above and beyond custom text.  Simply contact me to find out what your specific change would cost.

T-Shirts and Accessories

I found a t-shirt that I love and want to sell it in my studio boutique!  Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Absolutely, simply contact us with the t-shirt you want and how many you’re interested in and we’ll get you a quote asap!

I want to sell some t-shirts or accessories in my studio, but I want my own logo to appear on them somewhere, what are the options for this?

Many t-shirts come with the option to add a 3×3 inch logo on the back of the shirt for an additional charge per shirt.  Let us know the quantity and t-shirt so we can provide you with a quote!  We also have a few different t-shirt designs where we can add your studio’s logo right into the design for a small one time fee!  We would be so happy to show you which shirts that’s possible on.  If neither of these options work, you might opt for a custom designed t-shirt.

Pre-Designed Logos

I picked out the logo I want from the pre-designed logos.  What happens next?

Once you place your order you’ll receive your images in a web based application where you can download them.  If there are any issues whatsoever please contact us immediately so we can correct them.

What is the difference between the blogger logo and the studio logo?

The studio logo comes with more file types than the blogger logo.  That means that you’ll have the ability to blow your logo up into a storefront sign or banner if you pick the studio logo.  The blogger logo is perfect if you only want the logo to appear online and in marketing materials such as 8×10 posters or business cards.

I bought the blogger logo, but I decided I also want the bigger file types in case I want to make the logo bigger in the future.  Can I do that?

You’ll have 30 days to upgrade your logo to the next size for the difference in price.  After that the price will go up!

Custom Design

How much does custom design cost?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for.  We offer some design products at fixed prices.  You can get a fixed price for a logo design, 8×10 flyer or t-shirt design.  For each of these items you’ll pay the full fee in advance, we’ll have a kickoff call where we can discuss what it is you want designed and you’ll receive 3 initial designs.  You’ll get to select 1 of the designs and can provide feedback for revisions 3 times.  Anything above and beyond this will require an hourly fee.

Any additional design requirement will be provided at an hourly rate.  Please contact Sukha Design for any additional information or to get a quote for your specific requirement.