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Find a Yoga Photographer

This is by far the most important item on your list. Find a photographer that specializes in yoga photography. A portrait photographer might take beautiful photos, but if they aren’t used to looking at the body in yoga poses they probably won’t get ideal photos. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard clients tell me about their difficult experiences getting yoga photos. A photographer with no asana experience may not realize when you’re at the full expression of a pose or be able to look for corrections. It’s stressful enough being in front of a camera, it’s even worse if you’re having to explain yoga poses at the same time. If you can find a yoga teacher who also offers professional photography services that would be great. If you don’t have a great yoga photographer in your area see if you can find a photographer who has significant experience practicing Asana. After all, you wouldn’t hire a wedding photographer who has never been to a wedding would you?


Are you aiming for artistic photos or instructional?

Artistic photos can be absolutely beautiful, but if you hope to use the photos in a blog post explaining certain poses, you need to define that well in advance.  If you want artistic photos, expect certain parks of your body to be out of focus versus instructional photos where you want the end user to clearly see how to each pose.


Do you have a brand?

Do you personally practice a different type of yoga than you teach? Maybe you teach gentle yoga, but you practice Ashtanga. If you use the photos for business you’ll want to make sure you convey a calm feel to your images, so no handstands or advanced postures.   Also consider the background and what you’re wearing. If you have a logo, think about getting a shirt made so your logo is proudly displayed in the images. If you prefer to go logo free, perhaps coordinate your clothes to match the colors of your brand. This leads to my next point…


Pick out your clothes wisely!

If you’re aiming for instructional photos, make sure to wear form fitted clothes so the viewer can very clearly see your body in the posture. If you’re hoping to get more artistic imagery, add shear scarves, flowing clothing and interesting accessories. Your clothes can really add a lot of drama to the images if that’s the look you’re going for.


Know what the final purpose of your images will be.

Do you need your photos to be edited for social media? A website? If you intend to use your photos for anything other than printing and hanging on the wall, make sure you have a photographer that can also help you adjust your images to use in your branding.

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