Sold Out | Veterans Yoga Project Fundraiser

Have you been thinking about getting professional photos done for your yoga teaching business?  Maybe you have older images that don’t accurately represent what you teach today or you haven’t had the budget in the past to have photos taken.  Perhaps you just need a few shots to promote an upcoming workshop or a fresh headshot.  If any of these are the case then you’re in luck!

I’ll be offering 2-3 hours of my time on June 25th for mini sessions in Seattle.  The best part? The super discounted price for the photos will go directly to Veterans Yoga Project in the greater Seattle area.

The NW Veterans Yoga Project crew has worked extremely hard to create 8 different class offerings to veterans throughout the PNW.  This has been a huge effort here in the Seattle area thanks to several hard working volunteers!  However, the classes are missing some essential items to complete their yoga classes: props.  This money will help them buy blocks, straps, mats and bolsters!  Items that are so important to beginners and practitioners with injuries.

So you’ll end up with some fresh new photos, and you’ll be contributing to a fantastic cause.  All the details you need are below!

Seattle Yoga Photographer

Who: Yoga teachers and practitioners in Seattle

What: 30 minute mini sessions for headshots and asana photos, 8 high resolution, digitally retouched photos for just a $75 donation to Veterans Yoga Project

Where: Eka Yoga Seattle (Super special thank you to Angela at Eka who is graciously donating her BEAUTIFUL space for the afternoon!)

When: June 25th, 12:00-3:00 PM

The regular rate for a mini session with me is $225, and a full session is $395.  At this fundraiser rate, the timeslots are going to go extremely quick!  To reserve your time slot contact me directly by email at

If you wish to donate to the NW Veterans Yoga Project team you can use this link to make a donation.  More importantly, if you want to find out more information about how to serve veterans through yoga please visit Veterans Yoga Project.  There aren’t enough nice things that I could possibly say about this organization!  The main focus at Veterans Yoga Project is helping veterans.  The training is thorough and amazing, the instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and community here in Seattle is growing!

All of the photos in this post were taken at Eka Yoga in Seattle!

Seattle Yoga Photographer

Seattle Yoga Photographer

Seattle Yoga Photographer