Week 2 | Endure | Yoga For The Core

Reblogged from Seattle Yoga News Week 1: Stabilize Week 2: Endure Week 3: Fire Week 4: Balance   This week is all about building endurance. We’ve set our base last week with core stabilization poses, now we can really work on building onto our poses. Plank Crunches Start in high plank position: Ensure that the shoulders are […]

Week 1 | Stabilize | Yoga For The Core

Reblogged from Seattle Yoga News Week 1: Stabilize Week 2: Endure Week 3: Fire Week 4: Balance Our goal for this week is to set the base for our practice. The set of poses for this week aim to stabilize and strengthen our core. Repeat this sequence daily as we build strength for our core […]

Yoga Blocks For Inversions

Have you ever wondered how you can use yoga blocks to take your practice a bit further?  There are so many resources out there that show you how to use blocks to modify postures, and often times people think the only use for blocks is to make a posture easy.  However, there are a million […]

Seattle Yoga News Meetup

It was so amazing to photograph all of the lovely yogis who came out to the Seattle Yoga News March meet up!  Here are a few of the highlights from the event. The next meet up will be on April 17th!  Check out Seattle Yoga News for more information and Yoga Panda to get your tickets. […]

Seattle Yoga Photographer | Teanna G

I love these photos!  Honestly, at this point, this is probably my favorite photo session.  And I want to go back and do it again!  If you want to be in front of the lens here’s what you should do… go find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sukhadesign/ and find the post about this session.  Once you’ve found […]

Seattle Yoga Photographer | Hot Feet Fitness

Hot Feet Fitness in Burien has a variety of classes including yoga and HIIT workouts.  Classes are done in a warm room and vary in levels.  Check out Hot Feet Fitness for more information about the classes offered! The yoga photos showcase Hot Feet’s yoga instructors Teanna, Jennifer and Megan. See more Seattle Yoga Photos

What Can Sukha Do For You?

Logo Design Your business has it’s own unique and authentic style.  Make sure you convey the style of your business started with the logo.  Sukha offers custom designed logos or pre-designed logo’s that you can update for your own studio. Custom Designed Cork Yoga Blocks Coming soon: Beautifully designed cork yoga blocks! Put your very […]